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be bad for的同义词

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be bad for的同义词

  be bad for,英语词组,表示对什么有害;有害于。以下是be bad for的同义词,欢迎阅读。

be bad for的同义词


  to the detriment of

  work against

  be bad for 双语例句

  1. The third solution is for the acquirer to go ahead with the acquisition, but then subsequently repurchase a quantity of shares equal to the number issued in the merger. In this manner, what originally was a stock-for-stock merger can be converted, effectively, into a cash-for-stock acquisition. Repurchases of this kind are damage-repair moves. Regular readers will correctly guess that we much prefer repurchases that directly enhance the wealth of owners instead of repurchases that merely repair previous damage. Scoring touchdowns is more exhilarating than recovering one`s fumbles. But, when a fumble has occurred, recovery is important and we heartily recommend damage-repair repurchases that turn a bad stock deal into a fair cash deal.


  2. Not unambiguously good for Japan, in other words, but inflation may not be unambiguously bad either.


  3. The design has solved the question that the water conservancy facilities aging to be in bad repair and the water use in canal was in low in project area and optimized the irrigation and drainage network, which has provided the advantageous safeguard for growth of crops.


  4. But Xiang Yu, although the soldier many will be broad, the influence is formidable, because actually bad chooses a person for a job, defeated finally in the Liu Bang hand.


  5. An analogy may be drawn with the buffalo. When he runs like hell, his tail will rise like a flag. To people it looks bad, but for the buffalo it`s the only way of running.


  6. High blood group P in particular, the late burst was opened to help in time of war, the role of House of the killing than robbing, killing冰凝great, mysterious lightning kill, kill rot loss drug to kill the four much stronger, for the simple reason, people are not strange, strange anti-low, low resistance, but the latter's anti-high resistance to be higher, then the role of four killed when练级not so much scenery, but not as a burst blood, blood burst ignoring resistance, defense, what harm are the same fight, but because of the reasons for CD, with练级bad.


  7. This is bad news, particularly for investors in sectors like emerging-market stocks and bonds, small-cap equities, and high-yield debt, which are less liquid and, therefore, can be positively influenced by new assets flowing into the sectors.


  8. The bad news is they will be handed over to their parents for disciplining.


  9. He knows that it is bad for a man to be famous and it is bad for a pig to be fat.


  10. Since then, the state-owned banks have been recapitalized by the government (their bad debts taken over by a separate agency), and prospects for them may now be somewhat brighter, judging from a presentation by Hendrawan Tranggana, managing director of compliance at Bank Rakyat Indonesia.


  11. But there is another sort of character who will narrate anything, and, the worse lie is, the more unscrupulous he will be; nothing will be too bad for him: and he will be ready to imitate anything, not as a joke, but in right good earnest, and before a large company.


  12. Don't read in the sun light, or it will be bad for your eyes.


  13. It was found that Pd-Co/active carbon catalyst was the optimal catalyst, and Pd-Co/γ-Al2O3 was also good, but silica and kieselguhr were not proper carriers for the object reaction, because of their stronger surface acidity, which could result in the formation of polymer, jammed the micro pores of catalyst, and then resulted in its deactivation. Addition of Bi, Ce and Cu promoters could not improve the activity of catalyst, but La and Ba promoter could enhance the activity of catalyst apparently, and the Co was the best promoter, especially Co was impregnate in advance. It was attributed to that the pre-impregnated Co may occupy the micro pores of active carbon, and cover some bad functional groups on the surface of catalyst, so that the active and selectivity of catalyst could be enhanced obviously.


  14. Boo hoo. I'm all for arbitrage, but you have to make sure you don't get caught: 4 - Dont allow banned accounts to be reinstated Never had an account banned so I can't say much about this. If it really is a zero-tolerance policy then it's not necessarily a bad thing - although accounts that are wrongly banned for suspicious activity should be reactivated once the mistake is discovered. Google will only get better at detecting fraud though, so the number of false positives should decrease. 3 - They're everywhere A testament to its simplicity and ease of use.

  不许套利很多人觉得,使用AdSense交叉牟利并不违反AdSense的许可政策,其实很多人都在做这样的事情,关键在于你要保证自己不会被抓住:4 -不允许禁用帐号重新申请如果AdSense真的是零容忍政策,那不一定是坏事,虽然帐户因为可疑活动被误封,在错误被发现后应该允许重新激活,Google只能优化欺诈检测系统,这样误封的可能性才会减少。

  15. Flower brooch, mainly to be used for wedding decoration supplies, he replaced the traditional needle deduction, withholding of goods destructive needle, and the new production Needle brooch that features the use of magnetic attraction, a favorable solution the traditional problem of deduction Flower, and the brooch Needle practical than the traditional multi-button stylus, operation is simple and convenient, it is not easy or bad, there are aesthetic, and this is its different characteristics from the raw material the use of sophisticated and high magnetic plastic, visual appearance, and have ordered please contact us and we can go-store sales


  16. For if you don't repent, something bad might be permitted to come down the chimney and fetch you away.


  17. My bad habits must be destroyed and new furrows prepared for good seed.


  18. For Chinese, the sound is also meant to scare off bad spirits, to help ensure the new year will be a good one.


  be bad for 单语例句

  1. But sometimes the views of the majority can be shaped by such fears and they can then mistake a good project for a bad one.

  2. It looks like really bad news for real estate developers who will no longer be able to capitalize on cheap land for their development projects.

  3. Milk producers and local watchdogs are the first to be blamed for bad quality control, but experts also have doubts about the guiding theory behind the program.

  4. This is the only possible explanation for Richard Branson's inexplicable fondness for what is quite clearly bad hair that would be best cut short.

  5. With further bad weather predicted for the rest of the week, many more companies could be forced into reducing production earlier than scheduled.

  6. The year to which we bid goodbye just hours ago will be remembered for more things bad than good.

  7. He wrote that even if something bad in fact happened, it would be a necessary sacrifice for art.

  8. The water was so bad that the taps were shut down for two weeks until purification efforts could be completed.

  9. Rash patients and their relatives should also be condemned for the bad relationship, such as verbally abusing or physically attacking medical workers.

  10. But lawmakers did put in taxpayer protections, including one to require that taxpayers be repaid in full for loans that go bad.

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